Tuesday, 20 December 2016

5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Ashtanga Yoga Studio

The market offers a variety of yoga programs from hatha yoga to hot or ashtanga yoga depending on the preference of the learner. Yoga is a popular exercise that is meant to achieve peace and calmness for the body, soul and mind. There is attached the ancient practice of meditation to achieve self-realization through such practices.

 Serious yoga learners may want to question its concepts and benefits before a serious indulgence through a progression to different levels of yoga.

Questions to Ask

There are certain questions which a learner should consider asking the yoga facilitator before venturing into the depths of yoga.

1) Variety of Yoga

There are many kinds of yoga practiced in the market. Ashtanga yoga is highly popular even in the western nations with many studios sprouting in modern cities attracting large crowds. Yoga learners should understand the basic forms of yoga such as hatha yoga before moving on with complex versions such as ashtanga yoga or hot yoga. The early forms of yoga included hatha yoga and pranayama yoga whose practices were basic physical movements and simple breathing routines.

2) Physical versus Psychological

Practicing yoga has a couple of effects that cause learners to change. Many yoga learners may just want to concentrate on the physical movements to enhance their physical body condition while ignoring the psychological aspects which lead to a deeper spiritual encounter. However, the spiritual or psychological facet of yoga as in ashtanga yoga must be properly taught to be clear of its implications and outcomes.

3) Qualified Facilitators

Another question which learners should pose to any ashtanga yoga studio offering the different varieties of yoga course is the qualification of the yoga facilitators. It is important to ensure the right spiritual maturity of the ashtanga yoga facilitator or teacher to guide the soul and mind to a proper enlightenment in a progressive manner. Every yoga facilitator must be skilled and passionate in the specific yoga routine with years of experience and a favorable change as a powerful testimonial.

4)  Attaining the Best of Both Worlds

It is often difficult to disassociate one form of yoga with another as one level leads to another. This is where skilled yoga facilitators need to be able to help learners in procuring optimal results in the pursuit of yoga from an established and well facilitated ashtanga yoga studio. With the right yoga facilitator, the learner is able to achieve better outcomes more quickly.

5) Lifelong Pursuit

Yoga learners may query if yoga could be an addiction like drugs or alcohol which they could not do without after viewing results. This lifelong pursuit would need to be evaluated based on the desired goals and expectations in one’s lifestyle and living conditions.

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Reasons Why You Should Join Yoga Classes

Yoga Brussels
Yoga, which originated in India about 3000 years ago, has many meanings, the one that seems comprehensive is that description that encompasses all its meanings. According  to Jacobsen:

Yoga has five principle meanings:
  1. Yoga, as a disciplined method of attaining a goal.
  2. Yoga, as techniques of controlling the body and the mind.
  3. Yoga, as a name of one of the schools or systems of philosophy
  4. Yoga as a technique of practice of yoga as in hatha-yoga, mantra -yoga, or laya-yoga
  5. Yoga as the goal of yogic practice.
One could add something to the last point. – Which is becoming one with the Supreme.
To realize all the above is key to universal happiness and peace, a loving and joyful world.
Creating this begins with working on ourselves. Yogic practices are thought to help in that direction. The benefit is seen in improvement of mental and physical health. Yoga has spread to the European nations by travelers who have gone to India and studied for many months and years under the tutelage of masters of Yoga.

Yoga bruxelles has become a popular search term as Yoga is practiced extensively in Brussells. There are many a yoga center or centre de Yoga as it is called, offering courses in Yoga (cours de Yoga)
Corporate life is one of the reasons that are causing stress and stress related illnesses to people worldwide. It is not surprising that corporates have realized this and are making attempts to improve the working conditions and the health of their employees. Young lives are being snuffed out because of stress related heart diseases, intestinal ulcers, automobile accidents etc.

Yoga has been introduced by corporates in a format that has evolved as Corporate Yoga. It is of course a little different from the way it is practiced in the country, it originated in, but has been adapted well and is showing benefits.

What are the different reasons why one should learn yoga?
  1. Yoga is a definite stress reliever
  2. Yoga provides a good workout, even though it may not be obvious
  3. Yoga improves your strength because it works on all the muscles of the body, toning them.
  4. Yoga makes your mind sharper
  5. Yoga can alleviate pains like neck pain, back pain and knee pain. There are certain exercises which soothe these areas.
  6. Yoga improves your sleep
  7. Yoga reduces the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches
  8. Yoga improves sexual performance for both men and women
  9. Yoga makes your body more flexible.
  10. Yoga can make you happier.
So head out to the nearest Coporate Yoga Studio if you haven’t already!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Tips to Find Good Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Bruxelles

Ashtanga Yoga bruxelles follows the traditions set down by Sri PattabhiJois and his line of gurus. Sri Krishna PattabhiJois (1915-2009) was a native of Mysore (now Mysuru)  in the state of Karnataka, India, who took to yoga at the young age of 12.  He devoted his entire life to the practice of yoga and established the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysuru. It was renamed by his grandson SharathJois and is now called the K.PattabhiJois Ashtanga Yoga Studio.

Ashtanga Yoga teaches the vinyasa tradition followed by Sri PattabhiJois, which is that form of yoga in which breathing is synchronised with movement such that the practitioner moves from one asana (pose) to another smoothly. The hallmarks of Ashtanga Yoga are:
  1. Deep breathing
  2. Structured sequences of Yoga postures
  3. Synchronization of the above two
  4. The technique creates heat internally
  5. Contraction of core muscle groups when doing Ashtanga Yoga
  6. Toning of muscles, improvement in balance and concentration as benefits.
In 1964, a Belgian named Andre Van Lysebeth spent two months learning Ashtangavinyasa yoga from him. Andre later published a book on what he had learnt and included the address of his guru. That saw the beginning of westerners coming to Mysuru to study yoga. Shri K. PattabhiJois also travelled to California USA , South America and Australia to teach yoga.
All teachers of Ashtanga Yoga in Brussels bear allegiance to Sri PattabhiJois. Those who have set up Ashtanga Yoga classes are people who have been directly associated with Sri PattabhiJois.
How to find a good Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Bruxelles
  1. Research - Some research about Ashtanga Yoga and Sri PattabhiJois can be done on the internet. There is a lot of information about Sri PattabhiJois and his notable disciples who went on to establish their own Ashtanga Yoga Studio. Some of these disciples are Andre Van Lysebeth, Jean Claude Garnier, Anne Pinkette. The unique nature of Ashtanga Yoga can also be studied extensively on the internet.
  1. Levels offered - Based on the research, one can decide on an Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Bruxelles. It is useful to know the levels which are offered at your chosen Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Ashtanga yoga has three levels.
  • The primary series called yoga treatments detoxify and align the body.
  • The intermediate series called nadishodana purifies the nervous system and cleans what is known in the ayurvedic system of medicine as the energy channels(nadi).
  • The Advanced Series A, B, C and D are also called the SthiraBhaga which means steady strength. A lot of arm balances and strength work are included, while working deeper into the joints.
  1. Reputation - A good yoga Studio is one where there isn’t the slightest whisper of malpractice, as in inappropriate touching, or reports of injury of students while receiving instruction.
Thus Ashtanga Yoga is very popular in European and western countries on account of its benefits. It is said that Ashtanga Yoga is a combination of strength, sweat and stamina, resulting in circulation of vital energy throughout the body, bolstering the nervous system and bringing lucidity and clarity to the  mind.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Essential Yoga Practice Benefits

It is important to stay fit with specific exercises that would ensure a proper building up of muscles and good blood circulation. This is what Yoga can offer to many fitness buffs with its variety of benefits. This form of exercise is simple and effective in reducing stress and anxiety while uniting the body, soul and mind.


Meditation is the primary approach of Yoga where all aspects of the body are brought together to be properly aligned for good health. Practitioners need to encounter a personal experience in the integration of life and living things.

Yoga Bruxelles programs offer different postures and breathing mechanisms to relief simple aches and pains in the body as well as certain medical ailments when practiced aptly. Over the long run, practicing Yoga exercises better self-restraint with higher mental strength that builds up self confidence and tranquility within self to be able to connect better with others.

Yoga practitioners may receive relief from back pain, emotional stresses and mental fatigue through a constant practice of yoga. Practitioners may experience in change in life habits and outlook to enjoy increased energy and vitality in their daily activities.

It is possible to procure longevity with a new level of good health as yoga could be practiced at any age. Practitioners experience better breathing to enhance their blood circulation which leads to greater vitality and lightness where the blood pressure normalizes with a greater zest in coping on life and daily living.

Yoga Sessions

In order to enjoy the full benefits of Yoga, certain cours de yoga sessions must be exercised for the long term. There are many centre de yoga service providers in town offering a variety of yoga for amateur to veteran practitioners; this includes hot yoga and Hatha yoga which are very common and popular forms of yoga in any yoga studio.

Every yoga Bruxelles session must be facilitated by trained and experienced facilitators who are able to guide and assist in the proper forms of meditation, breath control and movements that would benefit the body in terms of good health.

Any established centre de yoga may offer a variety of cours de yoga programs that caters to the different physical, mental and emotional health of consumers.


The many facets of yoga have drawn many eager practitioners to indulge in this fitness program across the world. Overweight practitioners lose their extra pounds easily while others plagued by medical ailments find some relief to carry on with life in greater self-confidence.

Yoga could also be practiced by the elderly or expectant mothers to find relief on backaches and fatigue. The right poses from the right cours de yoga help to strengthen the body to achieve greater endurance.

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Effective Yoga Tips for Beginners

Yoga is the ancient Indian art / science that aim to join or unite mind, body and spirit. It confers tangible physiological, emotional and spiritual benefits, besides giving the practitioner longevity and flexibility. Yoga also has proven powers to calm the emotions, combat hyper-tension, heart-disease and psycho-somatic illnesses. Its role in cancer relief is being investigated. There are several important schools and branches of yoga, like hot yoga, ashtanga yoga, power yoga, etc and all these are off-shoots of the main body of ancient knowledge. Ashtanga yoga is a modern, gymnastic yoga style, founded by a yoga guru.

Yoga For Beginners

There is no prescribed age for starting to practice yoga and it confers benefits at any age. However, starting in youth gives the body more flexibility and allows the benefits to begin working earlier. Many people find the concept of starting yoga class daunting, and associate it with complicated, contorted poses. We may be concerned that we're unable to even touch our toes – how are we going to do those twists and turns? Is there a lot of spiritual mumbo-jumbo that we have to mouth? Or we may be worried that we're going to look awful in those sleek yoga outfits in our first class at an ashtanga yoga studio. These are normal concerns that we all feel.

Tips For Newbies

When you sign up for a yoga course at an ashtanga yoga Bruxelles studio or elsewhere, your instructor will probably spend an hour or two before hand, prepping you about important things to keep in mind. Apart from this, here are a few handy hints that will make your yoga sessions enjoyable and beneficial:

- Inform yourself about yoga, schools, styles, types of practice etc.
- Choose a basic level course in a style that's suited to your age, fitness-level and health condition.
- Consult your doctor before starting a yoga course and inform your yoga instructor about any poses that are to be avoided.
- Know what you must wear: yoga is practiced barefoot, on a floor-mat. Choose moderately-fitting clothes, not too loose or tight.
- Get yourself a suitable yoga-kit.
- Carry a bottle of water with you.
- Yoga is practiced traditionally on an empty stomach, early morning.
- If your class is later in the day, keep a two-hour gap between your meal and class.
- Do breathing and warm-up exercises before starting.
- Observe and follow your instructor carefully.
- Respect your and others' personal space and maintain silence.
- Switch off your cell-phone.

Yoga is indeed for everyone. Everyone was a beginner at some point. And one of the goals is to learn to relax.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Why Ashtanga Yoga is the First Choice of Athletes & Physical Fitness

Athletes and fitness diehards spike towards Ashtanga yoga for many reasons. This popular form of yoga is widely practiced in established ashtanga yoga Bruxelles centers as power yoga. It is very popular among athletes and fitness buffs who want more flexibility in their body dynamics to handle increased physical demand.

Special Poses

An Ashtanga yoga studio would present more challenging yoga poses than the other forms of yoga. Hence, it may be necessary to master the lower levels of yoga first before attempting Ashtanga. The poses in Ashtanga yoga are part of a series that lead to the building up of strength from better postures.

Ashtanga yoga is ideal for those who have achieved a certain degree of fitness; hence, athletes and fitness regulars are well suited for Ashtanga yoga but this program should be properly conducted in a well equipped ashtanga yoga classes with a trained facilitator.

Athletes’ Choice

The simplest of Ashtanga yoga poses could be demanding on the novice yoga practitioner unlike athletes who are familiar with hard drills and grills on their bodies and muscles. A lot of warm up routines are required before indulging in the more challenging poses.

Ashtanga yoga builds up the body to be stronger with greater stamina which athletes require in their competitions. Athletes become more flexible in their body movements to push themselves further for success. They acquire a greater endurance to compete well in any race or competition.

Athletes need to push their bodies and muscles to a deeper level of strength and endurance to succeed in any competition. They need to relax their bodies and minds for a better control of their actions which would be better manipulated for better synchronization and outcome.

Intensive Training

It is expected that gruesome training would be required for athletes to push another mile in their training endeavors. This is where the basic poses must be mastered before proceeding with the intermediate or advance poses of Ashtanga yoga. The trained ashtanga yoga Bruxelles facilitator would develop a proper program for practitioners from beginning to advanced stages of mastering this form of yoga.

It is crucial to master elementary poses before moving on to Ashtanga yoga with a properly trained Ashtanga yoga instructor who is aware of the athletes’ abilities and weaknesses to build up the body, mind and soul. Some sports clubs may not send their athletes to an Ashtanga yoga studio in town but hire the best Ashtanga yoga instructor to train the athletes personally in their own studios or training rooms as very few facilities and accessories are required.


As yoga fans build up their passion for this form of exercise, they can consider Ashtanga yoga to push their body capability up another notch to stay fit.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Real Benefits of Hot Yoga

Exercise is good for health as everyone knows but not everyone is disciplined to execute it regularly especially when the weather is freezing. However, one delightful exercise option which could be executed at anytime anywhere is hot yoga. This is a great winter exercise alternative to keep the body warm and in shape.

Hot Yoga Dynamics

There are many advantages of hot yoga, which is similar to traditional yoga classes except that it is conducted in a very hot room. There are many styles of yoga taught in most established centre de yoga in town with cours de yoga including hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga.

Similarly, hot yoga also offers many varieties in reputed yoga Bruxelles studios with classes available for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Every proper yoga studio would offer hot yoga programs as part of its versatile and dynamic yoga exercises to cater to the different needs and preferences of modern consumers today.

Advantages of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga movements are easy to emulate so that even the novice or new practitioners are able to follow through a session organized by professional yoga Bruxelles facilitator. A regular practice assures a reduction in stress with a better management over depression while strength and body flexibility increase steadily.

The high level of heat required with hot yoga works to increases the heartbeat rate and metabolic intensity as if the user was performing aerobic exercise. Arterial stiffness is reduced to enhance cardiovascular health.

This is not so with traditional Hatha yoga which is gentler on its movements. Hence, practitioners do not experience satisfactory weight loss to benefit from its practice. However, in a heated room, the same yoga movements spurs the body on to work harder while sweating more without extra force on muscles or joints which aerobic exercises could.

Hot yoga programs are specially catered cours de yoga programs which not all yoga studios offer. The operating centre de yoga must be specialized in hot yoga with the necessary facilities such as a hot room that is conducive for the class.

A long term practice with the right exposure to heat could improve blood vessel functions and stabilize blood pressure with better body composition where detoxification is promoted. There is a notably increase in insulin sensitivity to keep the body healthy at all times.

First time practitioners would feel warm with a tendency to sweat more throughout the cours de yoga session but feels refreshed at the end of the hour.


Hot yoga may be relatively new in the market but its myriad of advantages is drawing more practitioners as the word goes out. It is crucial to keep hydrated when practicing hot yoga as a lot of fluids is lost as sweat during the exercise.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bikram Yoga Can Assist Your Healing Progress

There are many forms of yoga with many benefits to health. One of the popular yoga routines is Bikram yoga which is purportedly very effective on healing. Bikram Yoga is also known as Hot Yoga which is a higher form of Hatha yoga.
Bikram yoga could be facilitated in many established yoga Bruxelles studios if there are trained and skilled yoga facilitators and facilities at the studio de yoga. The Bikram Method of yoga is special in its cours de yoga design emanating from Hatha yoga in a healing style to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Healing Progress

Many Bikram practitioners had enjoyed a fast recovery from various ailments and sicknesses that include shingles and alcoholism. The basic movements of this yoga form work to realign the body system for better functionality. It is named after its founder, Bikram Choudhury, who began practicing yoga early in life.
Bikram Yoga was developed after its founder experienced a leg injury to heal quickly as a form of physical therapy. General good health and wellness are obvious benefits of practicing this cours de yoga at any established studio de yoga in town.

There have been reports of patients with knee injuries who recovered with Bikram yoga after 6 weeks. Body pains and difficulties in movement seemed to reduce with the regular practice of this yoga which could be facilitated at reputed centre de yoga with qualified yoga practitioners or facilitators who are well versed with the program and its benefits.

Scientific Research

Due to the increasing popularity of Bikram yoga across the world from its origin, a lot of scientific research has been indulged into this yoga form to prove its authenticity and validity in healing various ailments. Tokyo University Hospital investigated on the Bikram yoga course on various participants in the study to confirm certain therapeutic results arising from the regular application of this cours de yoga.

It is found that the healing process included repairs of damaged tissues and remedial effects on various chronic ailments. Body cells were found to be replenished and various toxins were flushed from the body through the course routine. Oxygenated blood is highly encouraged to flow smoothly through the body for general wellness and good health.

A natural healing process happens when the body systems are set back into their proper order with the various yoga movements.


There are about 26 posture exercises comprising Bikram yoga which focuses on stretching the muscles, ligaments and tendons. The organs, glands and nerves are stimulated simultaneously through the same posture movements.

The complete cours de yoga for Bikram yoga comprises a series of postures that must be activated in the right order to bring on the desired healing process.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Benefits of a Hatha Yoga Practice

Although yoga stems from the Eastern countries, it has been widely spread to the Western world with a variety of yoga forms offered at established yoga Bruxelles centers. The host of benefits in practicing yoga entices many individuals to the centre de yoga in every city.
Hatha Yoga Dynamics

One of the more popular forms of yoga is Hatha Yoga which is normally offered in all yoga studios or learning establishments. This form of yoga originated from India to purify the body. The term “Hatha” refers to the sun and the moon which encompasses the whole being.

Simple cours de yoga on hatha yoga comprises a lot of different breathing exercises and postures to strengthen the body. Its movements are structured slowly to instill calm and tranquility to the mind, body and soul. This is an excellent exercise regime for those who want to transit their bodies and minds to a higher meditation level in relieving stress.

Every yoga program could be differently facilitated by skilled and experienced practitioners to cater to the different learner levels.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is known as the starting point of yoga exercise where its ‘asanas’ program comprises various postures and positions to enhance body flexibility and alertness. Strength and energy could arise within the body through regular practices of hatha yoga at home or in any centre de yoga.

Another benefit of practicing this form of yoga is the simple comfortable clothing and bare necessities required. A quiet room and an exercise mat are sufficient to get going on yoga exercises. Its versatility draws many to engage in it wherever they go.

There are also physical and mental benefits through a properly structured cours de yoga program. The body posture is corrected with the spine strengthened as yoga is activated regularly.

The body enjoys a stronger muscular and skeletal structure to prevent scoliosis, weak knees, frozen shoulders and stiff neck issues. All body systems are enhanced with better functioning to generate overall good health. The immune system is stronger to combat common colds and coughs to keep basic infirmities at bay.

Practitioners of yoga Bruxelles experience better attention span with a higher concentration level to be able to focus on their tasks or learning. Hence, it is not surprising that better performances and learning outcomes are achieved with the inner renewed energy generated through a well-structured yoga program at reputed studio de yoga centers.


Anyone could indulge in any form of yoga exercise with the proper instructions available at reputed centre de yoga establishments in town. Many benefits could be reaped with the proper facilitation and practice of yoga. Hatha yoga is ideal to kick start an effective exercise or fitness program to enjoy good health.

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Choose the Proper Yoga Course That Suits Your Needs

Many individuals are drawn to yoga as their alternative health path today without over straining themselves. With the proper yoga course, practitioners are able to enjoy good health and an alert mind through the right movements and expert guidance from facilitators. Hence, it is crucial to choose the best cours de yoga to reap the best results.

Choice of Course

The most common form of yoga being practiced is hatha yoga. This is a simple basic workout that would fit almost any individual’s health needs to kick start an exercise routine effectively. Its program aims to cater to the individual’s abilities to enjoy satisfaction on the quick success achievable.

The choice of yoga course depends on the studio de yoga offers. Yoga Bruxelles offers a host of dynamic yoga courses base on the needs and demands of consumers at different stages. Practitioners could move from one level of cours de yoga to the next higher level to attain greater results.

Hatha yoga is usually recommended for those who have not experienced yoga before. This would be the best choice of cours de yoga to enjoy some stretching exercises and instill discipline.

Choice of Centers

Any well established centre de yoga should offer the wide, if not full, range of yoga courses or programs with the right instructors. Different studio de yoga centers offer different choices of yoga programs. Yoga Bruxelles has a wide array to take an individual from basic yoga to advanced stages.

The best choice of center de yoga is one which offers a pleasant and comfortable environment in learning yoga. The classes must be tailored according to the needs of the practitioners with experienced yoga facilitators who are dedicated and passionate about yoga. This would bring on the best of learning for those with no or little experience in yoga at the stage.

The preferred studio de yoga should also offer consistent good customer services from registrations to shower facilities. This would encourage more members to sign up on the different yoga courses available at that center. The cost of yoga course should be reasonable to be affordable for many to exercise their way to good health.

If the center de yoga is very accessible to consumers, it is likely to draw in more crowd as there is a greater convenience. Hence, if there is good public transportation or parking, more yoga enthusiasts would enroll at that yoga center.


It is not difficult to identify the best of cours de yoga with yoga Bruxelles offering a wide range with great facilities and passionate yoga instructors. Friendly customer services and dynamic yoga instructors with the right facilities are sufficient to enjoy the yoga course for good health.