Monday, 21 November 2016

Reasons Why You Should Join Yoga Classes

Yoga Brussels
Yoga, which originated in India about 3000 years ago, has many meanings, the one that seems comprehensive is that description that encompasses all its meanings. According  to Jacobsen:

Yoga has five principle meanings:
  1. Yoga, as a disciplined method of attaining a goal.
  2. Yoga, as techniques of controlling the body and the mind.
  3. Yoga, as a name of one of the schools or systems of philosophy
  4. Yoga as a technique of practice of yoga as in hatha-yoga, mantra -yoga, or laya-yoga
  5. Yoga as the goal of yogic practice.
One could add something to the last point. – Which is becoming one with the Supreme.
To realize all the above is key to universal happiness and peace, a loving and joyful world.
Creating this begins with working on ourselves. Yogic practices are thought to help in that direction. The benefit is seen in improvement of mental and physical health. Yoga has spread to the European nations by travelers who have gone to India and studied for many months and years under the tutelage of masters of Yoga.

Yoga bruxelles has become a popular search term as Yoga is practiced extensively in Brussells. There are many a yoga center or centre de Yoga as it is called, offering courses in Yoga (cours de Yoga)
Corporate life is one of the reasons that are causing stress and stress related illnesses to people worldwide. It is not surprising that corporates have realized this and are making attempts to improve the working conditions and the health of their employees. Young lives are being snuffed out because of stress related heart diseases, intestinal ulcers, automobile accidents etc.

Yoga has been introduced by corporates in a format that has evolved as Corporate Yoga. It is of course a little different from the way it is practiced in the country, it originated in, but has been adapted well and is showing benefits.

What are the different reasons why one should learn yoga?
  1. Yoga is a definite stress reliever
  2. Yoga provides a good workout, even though it may not be obvious
  3. Yoga improves your strength because it works on all the muscles of the body, toning them.
  4. Yoga makes your mind sharper
  5. Yoga can alleviate pains like neck pain, back pain and knee pain. There are certain exercises which soothe these areas.
  6. Yoga improves your sleep
  7. Yoga reduces the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches
  8. Yoga improves sexual performance for both men and women
  9. Yoga makes your body more flexible.
  10. Yoga can make you happier.
So head out to the nearest Coporate Yoga Studio if you haven’t already!