Tuesday, 20 December 2016

5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Ashtanga Yoga Studio

The market offers a variety of yoga programs from hatha yoga to hot or ashtanga yoga depending on the preference of the learner. Yoga is a popular exercise that is meant to achieve peace and calmness for the body, soul and mind. There is attached the ancient practice of meditation to achieve self-realization through such practices.

 Serious yoga learners may want to question its concepts and benefits before a serious indulgence through a progression to different levels of yoga.

Questions to Ask

There are certain questions which a learner should consider asking the yoga facilitator before venturing into the depths of yoga.

1) Variety of Yoga

There are many kinds of yoga practiced in the market. Ashtanga yoga is highly popular even in the western nations with many studios sprouting in modern cities attracting large crowds. Yoga learners should understand the basic forms of yoga such as hatha yoga before moving on with complex versions such as ashtanga yoga or hot yoga. The early forms of yoga included hatha yoga and pranayama yoga whose practices were basic physical movements and simple breathing routines.

2) Physical versus Psychological

Practicing yoga has a couple of effects that cause learners to change. Many yoga learners may just want to concentrate on the physical movements to enhance their physical body condition while ignoring the psychological aspects which lead to a deeper spiritual encounter. However, the spiritual or psychological facet of yoga as in ashtanga yoga must be properly taught to be clear of its implications and outcomes.

3) Qualified Facilitators

Another question which learners should pose to any ashtanga yoga studio offering the different varieties of yoga course is the qualification of the yoga facilitators. It is important to ensure the right spiritual maturity of the ashtanga yoga facilitator or teacher to guide the soul and mind to a proper enlightenment in a progressive manner. Every yoga facilitator must be skilled and passionate in the specific yoga routine with years of experience and a favorable change as a powerful testimonial.

4)  Attaining the Best of Both Worlds

It is often difficult to disassociate one form of yoga with another as one level leads to another. This is where skilled yoga facilitators need to be able to help learners in procuring optimal results in the pursuit of yoga from an established and well facilitated ashtanga yoga studio. With the right yoga facilitator, the learner is able to achieve better outcomes more quickly.

5) Lifelong Pursuit

Yoga learners may query if yoga could be an addiction like drugs or alcohol which they could not do without after viewing results. This lifelong pursuit would need to be evaluated based on the desired goals and expectations in one’s lifestyle and living conditions.

Information Source : www.yoga-room.be