Saturday, 18 February 2017

How Yoga Practice Help in Day to Day Life

Hatha means force and hence Hatha Yoga refers to a system of yoga, using physical techniques or postures called asanas. It is based on the principle that the physical body has to be purified with the help of these postures and breathing techniques in order to attain the condition for higher yoga or meditation.

The practice of hatha yoga has gradually become popular all over the world because of its benefits which we shall see a little later, and has colloquially been christened as yoga. The benefits of yoga are such that it is being encouraged in western countries, far from the place of origin in India, for mental and physical well being. So much so, that Corporate Yoga, a yoga program tied in with the busy schedule of corporate executives, is becoming a popular phenomenon in the western world.
Brussels has become an important yoga centre, popularly known as yoga bruxelles, ever since a Belgian national, Andre Van Lysbeth, a disciple of Sri PattabhiJois, a yoga exponent in India, took his teachings to Europe and spread them in the early 1970s. Since then many yoga courses or cours de yoga have opened up in centres all over Europe. In addition to the Ashtanga Yoga discipline popularized by Sri PattabhiJois, many other orders, initiated by other gurus have been established by their disciples worldwide eg. Sivananda yoga, Iyengar yoga etc. The principle is the same: understanding and treating your body right in preparation for greater self awareness and realization, ultimately understanding the spiritual journey of mankind.

Several centre de Yoga or yoga studios have come up in major cities and small towns, where people can come and practice yoga together, because there is a benefit in this too. When learning with a group of people the ambience is set for a calm atmosphere of inward reflection.

What are the benefits of hatha yoga?

– Relaxes the mind. Yoga is such that one has to focus on the breathing while performing the asanas or poses. This very act of focusing on the breathing releases the mental tension.

– Toning and strengthening of muscles –Because every exercise is either weight bearing or involving stretching of muscles, the body is kept in a state of fitness to carry out everyday functions.

– Yoga maintains balance in the mind and body, and reduces cravings of any sort like that of sugar, food, sleep etc.

– Yoga promotes good health overall by focusing on good digestion, relaxation, proper respiration and elimination. Many lifestyle diseases of today can be cured or at least reduced in intensity with the practice of yoga.