Thursday, 18 May 2017

Five Ways to Deepen Your Ashtanga Yoga Practice

Ashtanga yoga (Eight Limbs / Branches Yoga) is the modern form of yoga which gained popularity in the twentieth century. Today, this form of yoga is commonly referred as “hot yoga.” The positions or asanas performed in this form of yoga are mostly done in a routine manner where a bunch of asanas combines to become a set. Ashtanga yoga is very popular because many asanas are performed in a single set.

There are several ways in which you can deepen your Ashtanga yoga practice. Some of these are:
  1. Meditate: Meditation helps us to relieve all the stresses that we carry along with us. It helps to clear our minds and detach ourselves from negative thoughts and negative energy. During meditation we can understand our minds. We soon overcome unwanted thoughts and achieve peace in our minds. Continuous meditation helps us regenerate lost mental powers and gives the energy to create something new. Also while performing meditation practice, try to avoid thinking of the past and focus towards the future. This will help you to concentrate on your goals and to achieve them. While selecting the place to perform meditation, select an Ashtanga yoga studio as it has a peaceful and calm environment.
  2. Step out of your comfort zone: When we practice yoga on a regular basis, we tend to build a routine out of it. Our poses are fixed, our time is fixed and so is the place. In order to deepen the Ashtanga yoga practice, try to do something new by stepping out of the comfort zone. For a change, you could try a new asana or two. Also sometimes it is healthy to change the surrounding environment. Try a new place probably with a different group of people.
  3. Become a yoga instructor: If performing yoga is your passion then why not make a living from it? If you are good at yoga and you feel that you have lots to share with others, do that by becoming an instructor and help others shape their lives. Start your own Ashtanga yoga studio if possible. Also during the process of becoming an instructor, advanced yoga sessions will take you to the next level. You can learn several new poses and maximize the talent you possess.
  4. Yogic Sleep: Yogic sleep is the best way to cleanse our minds of unwanted thoughts. Yogic sleep is similar to the modern-day power nap but the difference is that after a power nap only our mind feels fresh while after yogic sleep our minds and bodies both feel fresh. Deep relaxation is experienced after yogic sleep which in turns helps to remove tension and negative energy in our body.
  5. Share your experience: Sharing your experience with others helps to encourage them to join yoga. Try and write down your experiences during the session and also write about how you feel after the session. If you are planning to become a yoga instructor, this can help you in many ways. It works as a guide for your students while it helps you look back and feel the difference that yoga made in your life.