Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Ashtanga Yoga For Strength And Flexibility
Yoga is the earliest form of exercise which is practiced till date as it is. There are various postures which are practiced in their raw form till now. Although there is no harm in saying that yoga has got a makeover now, but most positions and methodology remains same. The regular practice of yoga should be a part of healthy routine and this habit should be inculcated in children too. By the way, more than old and aged ones, the young are fascinated towards the enormous benefits of yoga. Yoga is the new trend. All the fitness freaks follow the footsteps of yoga. Professeurs de yoga imparts all necessary knowledge about how to perform it and who should practice which position.

Ashtanga yoga and its benefits

Ashtanga Yogais mostly about repetitions of well known 'Surya Namaskar' and constant vinyasas. It is advised to start gently with Ashtanga and introduce modification only when the arms and lower back becomes strong enough. When we talk about Ashtanga yoga it would be really unfair to not mention its benefits. Ashtanga yoga is immensely beneficial for building strength in legs, arms, wrists and core. It makes the body stronger and flexible as well. In primary series, good amount of weight bearing makes the muscles stronger and enhances the bone density. Standing sequences make the legs immensely strong which improves body postures, alignment and mobility in turn. The sequence of Ashtanga should be regularly practiced in order to make the mind more focused. Your Cours de Yoga is incomplete without incorporation of ashtanga in it. Ashtanga is good for mental health as well.


Benefits and consequences

Benefits of Ashtanga include improvement in stamina and energy, which is a consequence of the strengthening of muscles. Breathing capacity becomes better which is a consequence of the expansion of the lungs and strengthening of diaphragms. The power of this yoga cannot be underestimated. It has ability to wake up the body mentally as well as physically. A gentle practice of Ashtanga yoga in your yoga room is enough to bring enormous strength and flexibility in you.


Take one step at a time

It is common to find people in yoga studio who recklessly practice various asanas. With Ashtanga yoga you need to be soft and gentle. It is like one step at a time. Reckless, non stop and swift performance will only drain your energy. When you are soft and gentle with yoga, the mind is at peace and you can concentrate better. After all, yoga is all about sound mind and body. The sequence of Ashtanga yoga positions should be practiced daily for best results and also it is discipline of yoga to be regular and punctual.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Bikram Yoga: What Is It And Who Can Start It

Bikram Yoga: To trace the antiquity of Hot Yoga, we would have to name the paradigm as ‘Panchgani Tapas’, having begun with a naked sadhu who had ropelike strands of hair formed by matting or braiding of hair and having renounced all worldly pleasures and desires for asceticism. He remained seated in the extreme heat of the sun, surrounded by fire. Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga was started as a modern version of the concept mentioned before, by Bikram Choudhury, who was absorbed with fascination and curiosity on noticing his Yoga students in Japan, take saunas during their lunch time break. It was then when Bikram began trying new methods of Hot Yoga. So, the first heated yoga studio has its history written and engraved somewhere in the lanes of Japan in 1970s. In the initial stages, he had started with a room temperature of 28 degree Celsius, which has now been increased to 40 degrees. Very soon, he realized that the more people sweat, the more they exert themselves in the workout. So, now Bikram Yoga takes place in various heated Yoga studios with 90 minute sessions during which 26 postures are repeated twice.

Yoga teachers (Professeurs de yoga) : Bikram Yoga teachers Professeurs de yoga, have all been trained to teach the 26 postures which would detoxify your body and strengthen your muscles and joints, and also are beneficial for weight loss plans. These teachers will go by these tips to make sure, you get a significant amount of benefit from the classes. The few tips which would be given are:
  • They will make sure that you lie down in shava shan position for minimum 1 minute after the session.
  • They will make sure that you keep yourself sufficiently hydrated, both before the session and after the session.
  • They will teach you to be calm and patient because it is not an easy form of yoga, even for beginners.
Yoga class (Cours de yoga): The benefit of doing Hot Yoga is not only constrained to visible weight loss, but it also helps in maintaining flexibility of your body. Yoga class (Cours de yoga) will demand a lot from you, patience, willingness to sacrifice and rigorous training session, but you can be assured that these will only be beneficial for you in the long run.

Yoga center (Centre de yoga) : Bikram Yoga Centre has branches in most of the cities of India, covering both southern and northern parts. They are also present in abroad, like L.A.
Yoga Studio: If interested, you too can open a Bikram Yoga Studio near your place to share the techniques which made you healthy. Few steps that are to be followed are:
  • Get certification.
  • It isn’t cheap, the franchise. So be ready to invest in your future.
  • Find a space that can attract a certain number of following of students and their friends.

Friday, 18 May 2018

About Ashtanga Yoga- Easy, Fast and Most Effective

Discover your type of yoga in one of the best yoga studios in Brussels, which is Yoga room, professeurs de yoga, offering Ashtanga yoga, which is best known to increase strength and for building stamina along with endurance.  Moreover, it also provides help in managing weight and increases flexibility too. It is a combination of various techniques like postures, meditation, breathing and concentration exercises.

# 1: Strengthening your physic
This type of yoga focuses mainly on developing muscle strength with the help of a lot of training and it especially helps to increase the arm strength, further helping you to increase your stamina and level of endurance in the long run.

# 2: Get your heart pumping
The deep, long and slow breaths will increase the efficiency of your heart within no time resulting in a healthier body.

# 3: Stronger Emotional Self
You will be able to work out how to control your emotional self within no time and that means no need to suppress yourself any longer with your never ending thoughts. After this cours de yoga you will make decisions without haste and with a clear mind.

# 4: Losing Weight
Doing yoga will eventually help to maintain your fitness.  It will cut down your unnecessary fat within no time making you have a perfect stunning body.

# 5: Improved athletic performance
With better breath control, better flexibility, increased rate of stamina and strengthening of muscles will give you a better athletic figure and you would be able to perform better within no time.

# 6: A Good Posture
You will have a good posture within no time, which means no more slouched shoulders or bent backbone leading to less chance of arthritis and a better and healthy lifestyle.

# 7: Better focus
Studies say that doing yoga helps to increase one’s focus, memory power and Intelligence Quotient. So if you feel like you are getting disturbed and distracted in between normal routines and conversations, you know what to do now.

# 8: Better Sleep
Results show that  people who practice yoga have a good sleeping pattern than those who do not, which is a good news for most of the people as when you get more sleep, you become less stressed and less depressed, which means less number of accidents will occur as you will be able to think clearly being more alert.

# 9: Better relationships
When you make better decisions and have a good sleep half of your problems will be solved and the way you communicate with people will be better leading to healthy relationships and a tension free mind.

# 10: Control Aging
Age gracefully they say. Doing yoga helps to get rid of toxins which delays the time of aging to a certain extent. Controlling the level of stress also helps to push away the time of aging.

Now you know the benefits of doing Ashtanga yoga so hurry to join the right cours de yoga without much delay and live your life in its full potential.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

The health benefits of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Studio can help you take out the harmful toxins out of your body, relieve stress and live life completely. The Hatha yoga is a branch of Yoga, which consists of several Asana which allow you to feel flexible not only from the body aspect of it but the mind aspect of it too.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga:

Strong Immunity:

The power of Hatha yoga makes it possible for the person to stretch the body fully, take different postures which leads to a proper increase in the drainage of the lymph. This release helps fight out the cancerous cells, dispose-off the toxic waste from your body.

Keeps spine in the perfect shape:

It is said that the whole nervous system rests upon the spine. It should be rigid, but supple and flexible. This makes it easy for the individual to work with efficiency and use all the energy properly. A rigid spine can cause backaches and several other spinal problems. But Hatha yoga makes it possible for the spine to stay supple and fit.

Brings Balance:

Yoga is a synonym for the balance of the body. A person reaches the ultimate yogasana through cours de yoga and the professeurs de yoga train the individuals to get along easily with it. It helps with the unnecessary cravings of the body and makes the body take the healthy decisions towards life. The person starts getting transformed and has total control over the body.

Good Health:

Hatha yoga can ensure that you are in the pink of your health and stay highly energized for the whole day. You can never run out of energy when you do Yoga. Now-a-days the concept of yoga studio is very prevalent, but the concept only touches the baby step of the Hatha yoga as it only trains the body and not the soul and mind. It is highly desirable for the trainers to understand the complete science and then go for teaching the yoga.

Hatha yoga has numerous benefits which will be experienced by the individual when he/she takes up the practice of learning it. A Yoga Room dedicated for this purpose can be much more beneficial to you than sitting with 50 other candidates in a studio. The Yoga will not only establish a balance between the lives and make your thinking process clear, but it is also going to be a gift for you which allows you to learn more deeply about your inner self and take control of your life. It will not only make you stay away from the diseases but it will make your lifespan long too. Hatha Yoga is an ancient science which people around the country are adapting to like Yoga Brussels.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Yoga has become popular throughout the world due to the health benefits that it has been offering since ages. However, there are different kinds of Yoga that are beneficial for different body parts, and also for achieving different goals. One such Yoga practice is known as the Bikram yoga, which has recently become popular through studio de yoga (yoga studio) in the local yoga community of Brussels (yoga Bruxelles) which has been offering yoga classes (course de yoga) being organized by professional yoga teachers (professeurs de yoga). Let us discuss a few of the uncountable benefits caused by practicing Bikram Yoga.

Benefits of Bikram Yoga:
  • Detoxification: Bikram yoga is usually performed within a heated room which makes it really easy to sweat a lot, which is also the main purpose of Bikram yoga, which allows your body to get rid of the toxins from your body through your skin by extensive sweating.
  • Strength Development: Birkarm Yoga allows you to test your strength limits and further allows you to increase the muscle strength through several exercises. However, do not try to extensively push your limits, which might lead to muscle injuries.
  • Improves Flexibility: As we all are aware of, performing yoga improves the muscle flexibility to a great extent, however, as the Bikram yoga is performed within a heated premise, it allows your muscle to warm up easily and makes it easy to be stretched. You can attain greater body flexibility along with a number of health benefits through regular Bikram yoga.
  • A relief from Breathing Problems: Most of the yoga exercises include breathing activities which have been proven to improve the workability of our breathing system along with providing a relief from breathing-related problems.
  • Develops Mental Concentration: Performing yoga on a regular basis adapts your body to control and perform several tasks at a single time. Along with performing physical exercises, yoga teaches you to control your muscle movement as well as the breathing, which can be really helpful in developing the concentration process of your mind.
  • A Better Life: Performing yoga does not only provides you with a better physical health, but it can also be helpful in reforming your mindset towards your life. It can actually boost you up with positive energies which can improve your lookout towards the human life and the world around you.
The above-mentioned are just a few benefits that you can get through regular practice of Bikram yoga. However, there are a number of health benefits that you can extract out from the whole process of learning yoga. Moreover, yoga is also helpful in curing several body ailments and health issues without any artificial inputs.